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Welcome to the Oasis Spices Family!

Welcome to the new, and improved Oasis Spices website!

We figure a lot of you are new around here, so we figured we'd begin by introducing ourselves, our rub, and our story.

Who is Oasis Spices?

Oasis Spices is a family owned business based out of Pearland, Texas. We are a proud Veteran family with a barbecue problem. The patriarch of Oasis Spices, Ken, is a Veteran U.S. Marine who developed Teacher Joe's BBQ Rub and All Purpose Seasoning from its very humble beginnings alongside his late friend, Joe. You'll learn more of the story behind the Rub shortly. After Joe's passing, Ken found himself at a crossroads, so to speak. Does he close the book on the seasoning they worked so hard to perfect? Or does he pass the baton, and continue to expand the business. His decision propelled us to where we are today, a proud family run business. Stu, Ken's son, is a U.S. Navy Veteran and avid barbecuer. Most weekends you can find him at his pit perfecting the next Teacher Joe's masterpiece. Laura, Ken's daughter-in-law, is the jack-of-all-trades in the family. From running the website and social media accounts, to all customer relations, you are sure to encounter her in your dealings with Oasis Spices. Together, we run this ship with the hopes to make your meals more delicious, without extra work!

The Faces Behind the Company

What is Teacher Joe's?

We are the home of Teacher Joe's BBQ Rub and All Purpose Seasoning. This seasoning is truly amazing on the full spectrum of food, from ribs to eggs to vegetables...and everything in between. Whether you're a pit boss, master of the grill, or kitchen royalty, we know you will love Teacher Joe's!

The Current State of Teacher Joe's

The beginnings of Teacher Joe's were much like most seasonings, an experiment in taste, and a whole lot of trial and error. Before Teacher Joe's was Teacher Joe's, it was a combination of different seasonings and spices mixed in a plastic bag. Although it didn't have a formal name or fancy label in those days, it won many trophies in the Texas BBQ Circuit, including first place ribs at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo BBQ Cook Off.

Once perfected, the Rub began to take shape, specifically the shape of a red concrete mixer in Ken's garage. You read that right! The Rub was mixed in batches from Ken's garage with the help of a concrete mixer. It progressed from plastic bags given to friends, to bottling from home, to finally handing the production reins to an actual processing company. The recipe remains the same, a wonderful blend of sugars, peppers, and spices with much less salt than your typical rub. This unique blend is bold enough for meats, but savory enough for more delicate foods such as seafood and vegetables.

We are happy to have all of you here, and hope that you will join the Oasis Spices family!

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Recommended by the Minard family in Jacksonville, FL. Got my husband a GMG for Christmas. We are in the newbie stage!! Susan, Billy and Andrew highly recommend your product!!

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