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2021 Oasis Spices Holiday Gift Boxes Have Arrived!

Go on any social media site, and chances are you will see the trend that has taken over the nation.


Traditionally, charcuterie is a board of local meats and cheeses with a few accompaniments.

A charcuterie board inspired by the country of Spain. This board is one of many found in the Oasis Spices Charcuterie Idea Book!
"La Iberica" Board

In fact, charcuterie originated in France, and translates as “pork-butcher shop.” These days charcuterie is anything you can dream of arranged on a board. From traditional meats and cheeses, to brunch, to a rainbow of fruit, the only limitation is your imagination.

This year we are putting our own spin on charcuterie, adding the big flavor you have come to know from Oasis Spices. We have curated the perfect gift box for anyone wanting to venture into the world of charcuterie.

The 2021 Oasis Spices Holiday Gift Boxes come beautifully packaged in a sturdy gift box, tied with candy cane ribbon and finished with an old-fashioned gift tag. Upon opening the gift box, your loved ones will find an assortment of items necessary for an amazing charcuterie board. Let’s take a look at what comes inside the gift box!

  • Slate Charcuterie Board: Why did we select a slate charcuterie board instead of the traditional wooden boards? First, wooden boards absorb oils that prepared meats and cheeses may leave behind, making them difficult to clean. Slate boards are non-porous, and easily washed for repeated use. Second, slate is an igneous rock, making it temperature tolerant. Want to keep your charcuterie cold? Slip the slate board into the freezer! The slate will hold the cold temperature to keep your charcuterie board cold while on display. Need to keep your charcuterie hot? Pop the slate board into the oven! Be careful removing the slate from the oven though! It is an excellent conductor of heat! Finally, slate looks classy and breaks from tradition, creating a real statement piece that will stand out on any holiday table.

  • Ceramic Ramekin: A good charcuterie board will have an assortment of accompaniments, such as dips, oils, or honey. The ramekin is the perfect vessel for anything that needs to be contained! The white ceramic provides a stark contrast from the black slate for a sleek sense of design.

  • Slate Chalk: Add creativity through words or drawings on your slate board! The slate chalk looks like wax, but writes like chalk. It easily washes off with soap and water, so let the creativity flow!

  • Oasis Spices Seasonings and Finishing Salts: Flavor is the name of the game in charcuterie, and that happens to be something we know a thing or two about! Select your favorite seasonings and finishing salts to create the flavor profile of your dreams!

  • Oasis Spices Charcuterie Idea Book: Feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities? Don’t be! We have you covered with 25+ ideas for your charcuterie board! This collection of ideas covers traditional boards inspired by countries around the world to non-traditional boards, such as the “Night Before Christmas” hot chocolate inspired board.

Still need more?


These beautiful gifts will ship directly from Oasis Spices to your loved one (or to judgement here!) for free!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and click on the SHOP button, and start building your 2021 Oasis Spices Holiday Gift Box today!

**Thank you for shopping small this year! Trust me, Amazon wouldn’t miss you, but we sure would!**

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