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The Story Behind The Med

A backstory on Sailor Stu’s Mediterranean...when we were just two kids in love, the Mediterranean held a special place in our hearts. Not because we spent our days vacationing the shores of Greece, or strolling the streets of Santorini, but because the Mediterranean signaled our time apart was coming to an end.


The worst part of the early days of our relationship. Being part of the Atlantic Fleet, Stuart would often be deployed to the Persian Gulf Waters. The Suez Canal was the switching point from safe, to dangerous, and then back again.

Our Final Homecoming, November 2011

During deployments, there were many times when information was not able to be shared for obvious safety concerns. But when it was time to come home, there was a 24 hour silent period, then an email from Stuart saying there was blue water. A sign that he was back on the safe side of the Suez. We have a fondness for the Mediterranean for this reason, it was the point of deployment when homecoming was imminent. We believe, similar to the role the Mediterranean Sea played in our lives, the flavors of the Mediterranean also bring people together.

We are excited for you to try our new blend! We want you to have absolute freedom in how you use it, but we will share some base knowledge:

Flavor Profile: Herbaceous, fresh, lemony with a hint of garlic and onion.

Use On: Chicken, Pork, Seafood, Pasta, Potatoes, Vegetables, Dressings, and Sauces.

Low Sodium (Gives the option to add salt to your own taste)

No Sugar (Keto, Diabetic friendly)

No Msg

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